Rajeev enterprises deals in Buying and Selling Delisted Shares.
If you have Physical Shares and you want to sell them, call Rajeev Enterprises for selling of Delisted Shares.


If you want to Change Physical Shares to Demat Form, or Transfer Shares for one Shareholder to another, we can assist you in managing your shares.

We also provide assistance in claiming unclaimed dividends and transfer of shares.

If you, too, are faced with situations where your money is stuck for procedural or other reasons, don't panic. With our expertise in the resolution of these disputes, there are ways out of such tangle.


Delisted Shares Buyer in Delhi

What are Delisted Shares?
Delisting refers to the practice of removing the shares of a Company from Stock Exchange so that the investors can no longer trade shares of the stock in the exchange. This typically occurs when a Company goes out of business, declares bankruptcy, no longer satisfies the listing rules of the Stock Exchange, or has become a private Company after a merger or acquisition or wants to reduce regularly reporting complexities and overhead or if the or if the stock volumes on the exchange from which it wishes to delist are not significant. Delisting does not necessarily mean a change in company's core strategy.
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